The Cheese, are the next step forward for us in entirely food-based hook baits. Their name, comes from two concentrated, powerful tasting cheese powders inside. Along with other powdered ingredients, all extremely high in key fatty acids. The high fat (and very strong tastes) these various powders all contain, are dragged out, highly emulsified/liquified by our curing process. Mixed up with our own added liquid cures, put back inside the hook baits in a more water soluble form. The Cheese have a very strange aroma to them, that’s fairly hard to distinguish. Descriptions we have heard ranging from ‘bacon cheeseburgers’, right through to ‘smoked onion bhajis’. Their smell to the human nose, is not the important part at all. The reaction which they provoke under water to a carp is absolutely everything.

The TC2 are our heavy fishmeal version of the Cheese.

The Cheese (TC1)

The Cheese 2 (TC2)