The GPB1 liquid ‘cure’.
Hardcore activated Corn Steep Liquor.
Fermented yeast, with a real kick. The very finest.
New Zealand’s finest ‘Active’ Manuka honey. Real mccoy.
Garlic based friendly bacteria/acid. Real mccoy.
Burnt raw sugars.
Black pepper.
No man made flavours.
Nothing artificial at all.
Some other ‘magic’.
Some of mother natures finest.

The fermenting GPB1 base mix.
Corn, seed, nut.
Fermented yeasts.
Natural sugars and oils from mother nature.
Burnt demerara sugar.
Egg albumin.
Some other ‘magic’.

Palm rolled, with the finest natural cork chunks, then ‘cured’ through our process for three weeks. They will hold a size 2 hook up forever. You can pierce them, trim them, do what you want with them pretty much. They are a ‘super cork ball’. The odd ‘feel’ in the mouth, helps as well. If you trim the top off, and put a flat edge on top. Even better rig mechanics, whilst they try to blow the hook bait out.

Colour and these GPB1 hook baits, do not match up well. The liquid cure is far to dark in reality. They would eventually ‘wash’ out to their correct stated colour in the water. But in the tub, they would be far to dark for the customer. The GPB1 base mix, is actually pale yellow, not brown. We apply all of our liquid cures, post boiling. Our liquid cures, do not react well to being boiled at all. They need warmth, but not boiling point heat. This, destroys them. The Manuka honey, we use the most ‘active’ that money can buy, for human consumption. Certified. Full of mother natures gold dust, with little diamond sprinkles on top. It kills bad bacteria, it’s mother natures penicillin. But, it does not kill the friendly garlic bacteria. These two, have a strange reaction together, but it’s great one. It’s expensive, the Manuka honey, we do not boil this sort of goodness away. It’s pointless. They are all in there, in ‘free form’ so to speak. Heat is used to enhance them, not to destroy them. This GPB1 liquid cure, in its non stabilised form… It’s pretty ‘active’, on another level, due to the CSL that I have ‘played’ with. We need to calm/stabilise this, but as little as is possible. Our long winded curing process, unlocks some of this stabilisation… Which has been applied to the very active liquids, before hand. It also sends the base mix, into hyper over drive. To get this whole process ‘just’ right, has taken a lot of time and effort with this hook bait. Applying even small amounts of pretty toxic man made colour dyes, to these particular hook baits, it’s just not the one really in reality. They are au natural. If we ever do colour them, it will only be white (titanium dioxide). They would be brown in the tub, turning brighter white in the water. To start with though, just natural coloured GarlicProBiotic hook baits, as in this photo. They smell of garlic, yeast, and a slight alcoholic back note to. But not over powering on the garlic. The smell, is incredibly hard to describe to you in words. It’s not about the smell, to your human nose though. Just a touch more of the friendly garlic bacteria added… And you would be nauseous, when you first smelt them. And they do not work as well either. It’s a very fine balancing act. When got right, the results are absolutely electric though. We have got it ‘right’ with these. It’s all working together. It’s twenty years, of me messing around with fermentation, for my own angling. And how that can be put into a hook bait form, that is user friendly, over a period of time. The Sugars2, get better with age. These will to.

Without the friendly garlic bacteria, these hook baits, are absolutely deadly in their own right. With the friendly garlic bacteria added, at the correct levels… It’s actually unfair on the fish, literally. It’s like that.

Our new GPB2, are identical to the GPB1… Apart from the addition of 33% pre-digested fishmeal and GLM being added to the base mix. Thus making them a heavily fishmeal based hook bait.


GPB1 Crushed Corks