Specialized Hook Baits were formed from a basis of hook baits we have made for our own angling over the past 10 years. We strongly believed there was nothing on the market we could buy to satisfy our very demanding needs for our own angling… so we made them for ourselves. Our whole ethos is to take you away from traditional bait making processes where products smell nice for you, but if you were to taste them in most cases they would taste of harsh chemicals.

As everyone knows carp do not have a nose like us, they have barbules with which they taste. The general consensus around bait in modern carp angling is geared around a nice smell and a bright colour. A carp’s single biggest sense is through its barbules, by taste. Our hook baits work on this fact, and this fact alone.

We are often asked why our hook baits do not come in bright colours, as that is what people generally associate with a pop up. A bright colour may provoke a response from twenty feet, we would far rather provoke a response from 200 yards through a carp’s amazing sense of taste. Anything that compromises that taste has no place in our hook baits. We have gone to great lengths to make the ultimate hook baits for our own angling; from low stock heritage waters, to busy day ticket lakes in the Winter, the result has been the same wherever they have been used.

We use nothing from the fishing/pet food industry in our production, we mill every ingredient in our base mix ourselves. Every single item is human grade and taken from the human food chain. Every hook bait we supply is rolled by hand as our mixes have to be rolled this way due to their constitution. We add no binders, nothing to aid rolling, every single ingredient is used for one reason and one reason alone… taste. The attention to detail applied to each individual hook bait is immense.

The S1 and S2 both take upwards of three weeks to prepare from start to finish. This time is taken for very good reasons that have made a massive difference to our angling , reasons we are now prepared to share with the carp world.

We have every confidence that you will also experience amazing results if you use our hook baits. Tight Lines…
SH Team