The SSB & SSP cork balls both contain pre-digested enzyme + low temperature fish meals, meat/blood meals, plus one of the key ingredients from the S1/2 base mix. Most importantly they contain a feed inducing supplement designed for use in the International Horse Racing industry, used to help high class thoroughbred horses recover their appetite after strenuous work. It’s not available on general sale in the UK, costs us an absolute fortune to source & to our knowledge has never been used in a production boiled bait before, it would be far to expensive an ingredient to use in a bulk bait. Once that base mix is hand rolled around our highest grade cork balls, they’re cured on Sea salt cures for three weeks, using our totally unique processes. The SSB has a smoked bacon powdered additive taken from the human food chain, with a fantastic liquid which has a Sage Herb type smell added to the cure. The SSP has a stunning Plum ester added to its Sea salt cure.

They have already accounted for UK Mirrors weighing 52lb10oz & 46lb4oz before going on general sale.