The S1 is not a flavour as such, they are built around a taste. The S in S1 stands for spice.

S1 coated cork ball pop ups are rolled with the very finest of ingredients. Each item in the base mix is milled by ourselves with no binders. If you were to taste a spoonful of our base mix you would undoubtedly want to eat the whole bag. We use a human grade oil which is cooked at a massively high temperature before it goes into the bait. This changes the structure of the oil itself, making it very soluble in cold water. Each hook bait is individually hand rolled as our mix will not go through a gun, or roll on a table (nothing this good is ever meant to be easy).

Once boiled and completely dried, the real work begins. Firstly they are cured over a three week period in a very savory tasting unique blend of liquids, repeatedly re-hydrated and dried over and over again. They are then coated in a very special mixture of 19 human grade powders and cooked for a second time at 240c. This coating will not come off in your hands, or rattling about in a tub in your bag for 6 months, but will explode when put into water. Our curing process ensures that the S1 is naturally preserved without using any nasty chemicals or preservatives. Every single ingredient is taken from the human food chain, from the base mix to the liquids.

If you wish to floss them on please ensure the floss is snapped down through the coating onto the bait itself underneath. ESP super floss is best, run a lighter flame around the floss after tying to tighten the floss even further.

Meshing the S1 in cheap tights will preserve the coating for upwards of 48 hours, a deadly tactic in the spring/early summer.  The only extra storage instruction for the S1 is to keep the lid of the tub screwed up in damp conditions, the coating attracts moisture and will deteriorate if left open in wet conditions.  They will keep perfectly well stored in your fishing bag ready for use.

Available in 16mm cork balls or 12mm x 16mm hard bottom bait barrels.