Our GLMF/GLMB/GLMP 16mm cork balls are all based on the same incredibly rich no expense spared fishmeal base mix. To this we have added 20% of the finest, freshest human grade Green Lipped Mussel powder we could lay our hands on. They also contain a very expensive feed inducer, used in the horse racing industry to wean expensive thoroughbreds back onto feed after heavy work. We have also infused a whole lot more GLM into the three different hook baits Sea Salt cures too. They have it in both liquid, and powdered form. They all stink to high heaven.

The GLMF have a powder added to the cure and base mix used in the manufacturing of German Frankfurter sausages.

The GLMB have a very savoury Bacon powder and liquid added to their cure.

The GLMP have the best human grade Plum flavour we could source added to their cure.

Although these three hook baits will work all year around, as they’re all incredibly soluble, they are specifically designed to work on another level when the water is at its very warmest.