The F1 coated cork ball and bottom bait barrels are based around the same sugar cure as our S2. This has been mixed with eight human grade fruit esters. The same lethal base mix as the S1 & S2. They are hand rolled, then cured over a month period in the cure described above. Once fully dried, they are coated in a mixture of three different fruit powders, various other powdered stimulants and a lethal milk protein combination then cooked for a second time. The hardened coating is exactly the same process used as our coated S1, but on a completely different theme. It will not come off rattling around in your bag for months on end… But when placed into water, it will explode over a long an extended period. They are like everything else we produce based solely on taste, and how that taste works in water.

A very important storage instruction for the F1 is to keep all moisture out of the tubs. We all love a good sniff into a tub & these smell so divine that you will want to keep sniffing them! The trouble is this puts condensation into the tub, which if then screwed straight up, will keep that moisture inside the tub. When you sniff them leave the lid off the tub for a minute to allow that condensation out of the tub. This is normally not a problem with any of our hook baits. But the F1 coating contains a very special milk protein combination in its make up, which is near impossible to keep stable in a normal frozen bait for more than just a few hours once it comes into contact with any moisture at all. If we were to supply you with this stuff inside a boiled bait, you would need to take them to the lake in a flask and use them with in just a few hours or they would go off. Incorporating it into the hardened dry coating of the F1 does this most perfectly, utilising all the best parts of it’s attraction, but in a form where it will remain stable as long as they are kept dry. They really must be kept away from any moisture to keep them in tip top condition. The F1 will come with a black wadded lid tub. Please keep them in this tub in which they are supplied, keep the lid firmly screwed up in damp conditions while on the bank. The first time they see any moisture, should be when you cast them out into the lake.

Like our coated S1, the F1 cork balls have a hardened dissolving coating. This has weight to it which once fully dissolved will leave the cork ball slightly more buoyant than when it was cast out. To counteract this they need to be over weighted very slightly.

Available in 16mm cork balls or 12mm x 16mm hard bottom bait barrels.